Switchboard Upgrade & Repair

If you have an older home in NSW, you are more likely to need a Switchboard Upgrade to ensure that your switchboard and wiring is sufficient to support the electrical needs of multiple household appliances when in use at the same time. For example, running a dishwasher, washing machine, oven and air-conditioner at the same time requires a high load of electricity.

Prime Choice can improve your electricity supply and help keep your home and family safe by upgrading your electrical switchboard for a very reasonable fixed price. Price Depending on how many circuits to be replaced.

To upgrade a switchboard, you need an expert electrician with extensive knowledge and experience like Prime Choice, We carry out a full instrumental wiring test and issue a certificate of compliance after installation to give you complete peace of mind that the job has been done properly and in compliance with the As/Nzs3000:2018