The Difference Between Commercial, Residential and Emergency Electricians

An electrician is not a one size fits all profession and there are marked differences in the skillset required to complete commercial, residential and emergency electrical installations. Each type of job requires different techniques, equipment, load demands and legislation to abide by and choosing a specialised electrician for your area will amount to a better-quality installation. Some electricians, like the team at Prime Choice Electrical, however, are multi-faceted and can straddle one, two or all three industries, with our specialities being in the commercial and residential sectors.


When we complete commercial electrical installations, they are typically in offices, retail outlets or small business premises and uses a three-phase approach. Other commercial roles undertaking include the design of suitable fire alarm systems, LED lighting, data cabling and emergency lighting systems. Maintaining these electrical installations is also part of the role and our specialised knowledge of legislation in this sector means we can ensure adequate electrical safety throughout.


Unless you are a qualified electrician, doing electrical work in your home is against the law and will probably invalidate your home insurance policy. Even such simple tasks as replacing a lead on a plug must be done by a licensed residential electrician. Small projects can include installing a new power outlet or repairing a light switch. No job too big or small, we do everything electrical and have over 10 years experience in the field.

Emergency Electrical

Our 24-hour electricians provide emergency electrical services across Sydney. Prime Choice Electrical services is a team of electricians, available on call, 24 hours per day/7 days per week. Our team can assist you when the unthinkable happens, that electrical breakdown at the most inappropriate time.

We are highly qualified and experienced electricians and can provide you with all the services you would expect from a reliable electrical contractor. Our electricians will provide you with a friendly, professional and knowledgeable experience. We ensure consistent pricing, high service standards and punctual, highly skilled electricians who work in accordance to As/Nzs3000:2018.

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Efficiencies of LED Lighting

Commercial lighting in larger spaces can account for up to 40% of a business’ overall electricity usage and subsequent energy bills, making it one of the priciest outgoings for companies. Essential for the running of any business, not to mention the health and safety of employees, companies can cannot simply cut back by turning the lights off more often. However, the type of lights that are installed at a business premises can drastically impact the overall running costs. At Prime Choice Electrical we are committed to assisting our clients implement efficient lighting solutions. Quite often we discuss the benefits of LED lighting with our clients.

Why LEDs?

When we, Prime Choice Electrical work with you to install LED lighting, we strongly promote its energy efficiencies and highlight the better quality of light it provides. LED’s are brighter and transmit a whiter, cleaner light than traditional luminescent bulbs and are typically lower wattage. Replacing a typical bulb with a LED bulb can help to reduce lighting electricity costs by up to 60% making the payback on these installations as little as 1-2 years, depending on the size of the premises.

Longer Lasting

When Prime Choice Electrical works on LED lighting installations we also provide our clients with much lower maintenance costs than traditional bulbs, lasting up to 10 years from the first time they are switched on. Normally within this timeframe, typically bulbs would need to be replaced upwards of once per year, amounting to 10 bulbs per LED light, meaning more money spent on fittings, installation and maintenance over this period, than it could cost to refit the entire premises with LED lights!

Less Wastage

Aside from using a lower wattage, LED lighting provides a better like for like product than traditional bulbs. By producing ‘cleaner’ light and directing the beams directly below to ground level where they are needed, 100% of the energy used by the bulbs is converted into light, whereas traditional filament bulbs convert some of that energy into heat, which is wasted and transmitted into the air around.

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Need an Electrician in Sydney?

Do you need an Electrician in Sydney? Prime Choice Electrical Services is a commercial, residential and industrial electrical specialist based in Sydney, we service all of Sydney and are based in the St George area. Whether you’re a business looking for some new lighting, an industrial corporation in need of a mains distribution system, or a residential property doing renovations, Prime Choice Electrical Services are equipped to manage all ranges of projects from conception to completion. Over the years, Prime Choice Electrical Services have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality electrical installations there is.

At Prime Choice Electrical Services, we respect that no job is ever the same and that’s why all of our electrical installations begin with a bespoke design. Working in conjunction with our clients, Prime Choice Electrical Services carefully listen to their needs and budgets, before conducting a site survey that takes into account all of their unique requirements. By learning the layout of the business, the electrical footprint and the everyday working complexities, Prime Choice Electrical Services provides a design that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients and plays an integral part of continuation.

After the design is agreed upon, Prime Choice Electrical Services then get to work on the installation of the product, ensuring that it is done in the most efficient manner. Working with you to decide a convenient time frame, Prime Choice Electrical Services employ their years of experience and their rigorous health and safety training to provide installations that use the highest quality components, techniques and installation practices.

Prime Choice Electrical Services are also able to provide ongoing maintenance packages.

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Business Guide: Maintenance of Electrical Systems

Like most things in life, electrical components and installations require regular maintenance to stay in top condition. Read on below to find out the regular maintenance guide for commercial businesses.

Fire alarms

Regular maintenance of electricals includes inspection and testing of the very systems employed to keep the business safe – the fire alarms. These systems should be tested weekly by caretaking staff for the building, who should also record their findings in the systems logbook and immediately rectify any problems. Once every 6 months companies are required to source a specialist to inspect their system to ensure compliance with current regulations and produce an overall report.

Thermographic Surveys

Sometimes faults in electrics are not easy to identify, either because the problem is internal wiring that is in walls or sealed trunking, or because there are seemingly no tell-tale signs of a problem. A thermographic survey can be employed to monitor heat levels of electrical installations and identify any areas where there is a load imbalance or potential fault in a system, without anybody coming into contact with it.


Many businesses use emergency lighting to light external areas such as walkways and car parks, as well as to display emergency exits and hazardous areas. As the purpose of emergency lighting installations is to keep employees safe, it must always be free from dirt, working adequately and able to run on a back up battery, which is why maintenance of this electrical system is required regularly.

Prime Choice Electrical Services has an outstanding reputation as an electrical services provider for security & alarms throughout Sydney and are available whenever you need experienced and reliable electrical services. 

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All You Need To Know About LED Lights

LEDs are a semiconductor that emits light when energised. Most households and industries across Sydney have shifted to LEDs, mostly because of their efficiency and brightness. However, some people often misinterpret how LED lights work, which leads to assumptions and distorted facts.

Generally, these mislead views are evolving around incoherent information and resistance to new technologies. You may have been so curious about LED lights, and hearing rumours might have fuelled your confusion – Are they good or not?.

To assist you in understanding all that you need to know about LED lights, we’ve explained some common myths and facts.

Myth #1: LED Lights are Costly

LED bulbs prices have significantly dropped over the past years, despite still being slightly expensive compared with incandescent bulbs. A traditional filament bulb costs less but has a short lifespan. On the other hand, an LED’s price speaks for its reliability. So you save more with a single LED bulb than a handful of incandescents over time.

Myth #2: LEDs Don’t Last Long

The assumption of LED lights being short-lived is by far way out of context, since LED products have gained recognition for their long serviceable life. LED lights can operate significantly longer compared to standard halogen and fluorescent lights. A typical fluorescent lamp can last about three to five times shorter than LED lights, while standard halogen lights operate for twenty-five times lesser. Thus, among the three most common light bulbs, LEDs are capable of giving you a brighter light for a longer period.

Myth #3: LEDs are Harmful

Modern LEDs are composed of inorganic materials, which means that they do not contain hazardous substances like mercury and other noble gases present in fluorescent lamps. Additionally, LEDs are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, debunking any myth that says LEDs are harmful.

Myth #4: LED Takes Time to Light-up

Unlike standard fluorescent lamps, LED lights do not take much time to light-up. Once you switch it on, it will instantly provide the light you needed without the annoying flickers or warming up. Modern programmable strobe lights even use large LEDs to produce that upbeat light show.

Myth #5: LED Lights Can’t Tolerate Cold Temperatures

LED bulbs work best under cold temperatures. Since they dont create much heat, LEDs are ideal for lighting areas that need to be kept cool. While the extreme cold does not generally affect the lifespan of LED bulbs, they are vulnerable to extreme heat, just like any other circuitry.

Myth #6: LED Bulbs Only Give Off Bright light

Nowadays, varieties of LED bulbs giving off warmer shades are widely available. Moreover, keep in mind that there are LED lights that can be tuned in to generate different colour temperatures.

It is necessary to avoid confusion and misinformation. You should first know the essential facts about LED lights before you jump into vague assumptions. With factual data, you can then decide whether to use LED bulbs for your home and building lighting solutions.

Moreover, LED lighting systems take a bit of time and skill to install. That’s why Prime Choice Electrical Services is always available to provide you with quality electrical services.

We have highly skilled and trained Electricians capable for your LED installations. Our team across Sydney will gladly share relevant information and provide you with exceptional electrical services.

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Energy Efficiency FAQs

Many people consider energy efficiency as merely avenues to save energy and money. At Prime Choice Electrical Services, we frequently speak with our clients about energy efficiency. At Prime Choice Electrical Services, we emphasise that there’s more than just energy and cost savings. On that, here are the 10 frequently asked questions on energy efficiency:

1. What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is the measure of energy productivity of any service or goods. When there’s lesser energy needed to produce an output, the activity is then considered energy-efficient. It is also associated with energy intensity, which is commonly used as a measurement in economic goods and service industries.

2. How energy-efficiency improves over time?

Energy-efficiency will improve when both our technology and economy go at a more advanced pace. For instance, improved energy-efficiency indicates using less gasoline to drive the same amount of miles. It’s also connected with improving thermal efficiency as power plants generate more electricity with less fuel.

Moreover, it improves with the emerging energy-efficient technologies such as the transition from kerosene and incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents and LEDs.

3. Who can offer energy efficiency activities?

Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) are businesses authorised to offer energy efficiency operations. They can provide discounted energy-saving services and products to residential customers. These businesses also work with third-party installers such as electricians and air conditioning technicians.

4. Is it compulsory to upgrade our home to energy-efficient products?

No, the NSW government won’t require you to upgrade your home with energy-efficient products. Like any other consumer decision-making, the choice is solely on you in selecting the energy-consuming products you must have at home. But it’s an advantage to have energy-efficient products as it utilises energy at an optimal rate for a low cost.

5. What difference does replacing a regular light bulb with an energy-saving bulb can make?

Replacing your old light bulb with LED light bulbs can prevent 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted to the atmosphere from power plants. Also, energy-efficient LED bulbs can last for more than a decade, helping you save hundreds of dollars throughout the bulb’s lifetime.

6. How do LED bulbs become very energy-efficient compared to other bulbs?

LED bulbs convert less energy into heat, and it’s noticeable as they don’t get hot. It illuminates bright light due to the movement of electrons in its semiconductor materials. The semiconductor exhibits both properties of conductor and insulator that results in the high efficiency of the bulb compared to regular bulbs.

7. Does the energy star label in products signify energy efficiency?

Yes. Products bearing star labels indicate a more energy-efficient performance than standard products, thereby saving money and energy. The energy star certified products include appliances, HVAC equipment, lighting, and office machines. Using these products can slash 30 per cent energy cost in your home or commercial space.

8. How can I become energy-efficient without spending a large sum of money?

Most people often think that an energy-efficient living is achievable with upgrades in appliances and the use of solar panels. But it is not always the case. You can be energy-efficient by using energy in a disciplined and effective manner.

9. What are the indirect benefits of energy efficiency projects?

It might be surprising that energy-efficient projects contribute to increased health, less stress and better productivity. Old technologies often are noisy, smelly and break down quickly, which is annoying and stressful.

Prime Choice Electrical Services can help you when it comes to an energy-efficient project. Our licensed electricians offer electrical system upgrades following recommended specifications towards energy-efficient living. With extensive experience in this space, our team ensures to provide energy-efficient services to all our customers.

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Security & Alarms Sydney Electrical Services

At Prime Choice Electrical Services, we take your Security & Alarms service security seriously. Whether you need security cameras, security lighting or a fully monitored alarm system, Prime Choice Electrical Services have a full range of products and installation experience to assist.

Prime Choice Electrical Services can tailor a solution based on your needs, with our priority being to help keep your property safe. Prime Choice Electrical Services is a team of electricians, available on call, 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

We have experience installing high-quality CCTV systems using the best CCTV components that provide high-resolution identification and recording meeting a wide range of requirements.

Whether you are looking at having a CCTV system installed in your home or business premises, Prime Choice Electrical Services can assist you. We have access to a wide range of quality products and a team of experienced installers to provide you with a reliable and up-to-date CCTV system.

Prime Choice Electrical Services has an outstanding reputation as an electrical services provider for security & alarms throughout Sydney and are available whenever you need experienced and reliable electrical services. 

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Why Prime Choice Electrical Services Is The Best 24 Hour Electrical Provider

It’s never a good time when you experience an electrical fault and it’s always at an inconvenient time or hour. Our Sydney Electricians and 24 Hour Electrician Sydney team are ready for your call. We are on standby at all times for you to call. We are also available to take your call if you have any queries or questions that are Electrical related. It’s this service that makes our team your only quality Sydney Electrical service provider to turn too.

Without question you can rely on Prime Choice Electrical Services to provide you with quality and prompt 24 Hour Electrical services. The Prime Choice Electrical Services team pride themselves on their ability to identify and resolve electrical works and are proud to be a 24-hour electrical provider supporting our clients.   

Should you need electrical services anywhere in Sydney, Prime Choice Electrical Services is here to support you anytime of the day or night, providing you with effective, agile and responsive 24-hour electrical services.

Our services include:

  • Security CCTV
  • Safety Switches
  • Switchboard Upgrade & Repair
  • Lighting Services
  • Data & Communications
  • Electrical Emergency
  • Commercial Electricians
  • Residential Electrical Services

Our clients are assured knowing we are a 24-hour electrical provider, available and operating when they need us to proactively attend to their electrical needs.

Prime Choice Electrical Services works effectively any time of the day or night to attend to electrical emergencies and avoid costly damages. With our professional experience Prime Choice Electrical Services is a trusted and respected 24-hour electrical provider supporting the Sydney metropolitan area, including St George and the Sutherland Shire.

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Emergency Electrical Services Sutherland

Electrical Services Sutherland: Do you need help with your electrical, air-conditioning or lighting? We can help you with this and much more. Our 24-hour electricians provide emergency electrical services across Sydney. No matter what time of the day or night you need an electrician, don’t hesitate to call Prime Choice Electrical Services. Prime Choice Electrical Services is here to provide you reliable and professional, residential and commercial electrical services.

Prime Choice Electrical Services is a team of electricians, available on call, 24 hours per day/7 days per week. Our team can assist you when the unthinkable happens, that electrical breakdown at the most inappropriate time.

Should you be facing an electrical emergency and need urgent electrical services, Prime Choice Electrical Services are experts and will not only attend to the actual emergency at hand but will also carefully check your entire electrical system to identify the root cause of the issue and work to resolve the matter as promptly as possible.

Why choose us in an Electrical Emergency?

  • We can attend to electrical emergencies in Sutherland and provide 24/7 emergency electrical repairs exactly when you need them
  • Professional, Licensed and Experienced Experts attending to your electrical emergency
  • Capable to manage all electrical emergencies
  • Quality service and work when attending to your electrical emergency

Prime Choice Electrical Services has an outstanding reputation as an electrical services provider in the Sutherland area and is available when you need us in an electrical emergency.

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Is Your Property Experiencing Downtime Due To Covid-19?

Downtime due to covid-19 means that, many buildings are experiencing significantly reduced occupancy and in some instances being vacated. Every facility has deferred projects once and tasks that were waiting for a weekend when the building sits empty; planned correctly, now is your chance for these projects.

We are working with our clients to complete delayed projects, replacements, and repairs during this downtime.

What can Prime Choice Electrical Services do for you?

Experts in emergency lighting, exit lighting, electrical system testing, bulk replacement and upgrade, switchboard and reticulation.

Specialists in new commercial and retail fit outs and refurbishments, with complete coordination of all works.

Long term scheduling to reduce the incidence of lost time due to breakdown of equipment, resulting in fewer disruptions to operations, increased assets life span, financial savings & increased productivity

Why us?

  • We are one of the most experienced electrical contractors serving Sydney.
  • Quality workmanship in each and every project, regardless of its size, nature, or complexity.
  • Licensed, qualified, and fully insured electricians for your peace of mind

As a service company that works within the assets of our customers, we are taking the risk of coronavirus very seriously.

We have implemented measures in line with government and Safe Work Australia recommendations to manage the risks of exposure to COVID-19 when visiting our clients.

So are you experiencing downtime due to covid-19? Get in contact with PCES who are professional and courteous electricians for any kind of electrical service, just give us a call and we will be glad to help.

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