Top Electricity Tips

Considering that humans lived for thousands of years without electricity and survived just fine, it is incredible to see how addicted to electricity people have become. Most of us feel lost in a blackout.

But electricity isn’t magic, and it requires a lot of natural resources to make it work. So conserving energy is not only good for your power bills, it will help reduce the carbon emissions that we are releasing into the atmosphere.

There are plenty of easy ways to be responsible with your power usage and conserve energy in your home.
Here are a few of the things you can do to reduce your home’s power usage:

  • Wash your clothes in cold water
  • Set computers to automatically switch to ‘sleep’ mode when not in use
  • Make better use of natural light
  • Watch less television
  • Take shorter showers
  • Re-insulate your home
  • Minimise your air-conditioning use
  • Switch appliances off at the wall when they aren’t in use
  • Use a lamp instead of a main light when you only need a small amount of light
  • Use energy-saving bulbs, like compact fluorescent globes
  • Always turn off lights in rooms you aren’t using
  • Use an electric kettle to boil water rather than the stove
  • Only run the dishwasher when it’s full, and use the economy cycle where possible
  • Dry clothes naturally rather than in the dryer where possible
  • Dress appropriately for the seasons, rather than immediately turning to air conditioners or heaters
  • Insulate your roof
  • Set your fridge to 4 or 5 degrees and between your freezer to between -15 and -18 degrees

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5 Key Signs Your Office Needs Electrical Maintenance

Regular electrical maintenance isn’t only important for safety and preventing potential accidents; it could also improve the energy efficiency of your office and help you to save on your power bills. While having a regular maintenance schedule is probably the best approach, it’s also useful to be aware of the signs that your office needs professional electrical maintenance. Here, we’ve listed the five key indicators that suggest your office should contact an electrician for maintenance work.


A tripped circuit breaker is a common occurrence, but if it’s happening fairly frequently in your office, you’ll probably want to find out the underlying cause(s). While you might decide to simply reset your circuit breaker each time it trips, this means you won’t be addressing the underlying cause.

In most cases, circuit breakers trip due to either a circuit shorted to ground or a circuit overload. Shorted circuits might be due to electrical conductors like wires or winding inside the motor touching ground. Alternatively, the issue could have its roots in a specific component. A licensed, experienced electrician can carefully review the relevant wiring and connections to identify the source of the issue and repair the problem so your office experiences minimal interruptions.

Overloaded circuits can be more complex, and an experienced electrician will have the appropriate equipment to test for overloading and identify the source of the overload. Your electrician can also attach grounding wires to outlets and devices. This helps to minimise the risk of serious injury in the event of a short circuit, protect against electrical overload, and stabilise voltage levels.


Flickering office lights might seem like a minor problem, but when it’s a regular occurence, it becomes a major nuisance and source of distraction for your office staff. Persistent flickering lights could be associated with headaches, vision issues, and reduced morale and energy levels. It could also increase your electricity costs.

A licensed electrician can diagnose the cause of the issue. For example, is it an issue with the light bulb itself or something more serious like an overloaded circuit? With the latter, too many devices and appliances plugged into the same line can lead to a power shortage. Alternatively, your circuit wires could be outdated and no longer in line with the latest standards.

If your flickering lights involve more than one room or circuit, your office likely has a more serious issue. This could be a problem with your cable connections or some other power source. In this case, it’s even more critical to consult a licensed electrician for maintenance work right away.


Are your office’s electrical outlets warm to the touch? If so, you’re probably overdue for a maintenance visit from your electrician. Outlets that are warm or hot after you unplug a device, or even when you have nothing plugged in, are a sign that you might have an issue. Worn, broken, cracked, and chipped outlets should also be checked by your electrician and replaced if necessary.

Electrical outlets can warm up during the process of converting AC to DC power, which is the process of changing the voltage input (AC) to a usable, storable output (DC). Unplug the appliance and check back after one hour. The outlet should be at room temperature.

Generally speaking, avoid plugging in too many devices into the same circuit. However, it’s not easy to tell which outlets are linked to the same circuit-wire series without asking your electrician. Similarly, in older properties, you might have an older breaker that was replaced with a high ampacity breaker, which could lead to higher levels of current than the circuit was designed for. In this case, a warm outlet could be a symptom of this mismatched wiring, and your electrician can rectify this for you.


Sparks when you plug and unplug your appliances are another potential sign you should have an experienced electrician in to check on your office outlets. Sometimes this is a normal occurrence – a brief spark due to a rapid draw on the available power – with no serious underlying issues.

However, at other times the sparks can be a sign of a dangerous problem. The sparks, for example, could be due to excessive heat building up in your outlets. This could lead to other issues like melting insulation covering your wires, which in turn could set off an electrical fire.

Alternatively, the sparks could be due to water exposure, which could short out the circuit. The age of the outlet could be another issue, where an older, worn-out outlet with loosened connections heightens the risk of short circuits and electrical fire. Older appliance cords and poor repair jobs could be other potential causes.


Older buildings may require regular and more frequent maintenance, checks, and assessments. If your office is located in an older building, your electrical wiring could be decades older than that in a new, modern office building. The insulation around the wiring, too, could be far older and therefore at a higher risk of being worn out.

As such, it’s a good idea to have more frequent, regularly scheduled maintenance checks by a trusted, experienced electrician. Your electrician can examine your older wiring and insulation, replace it as needed, and take measures like installing a safety switch for extra security. They can conduct the right tests to check the wiring in your older build can safely support the load you’re plugging in.

Without a regular electrical maintenance program, your business could incur unnecessary time and costs in the form of interruptions, repairs, and wasted energy charges, especially if you’re in an older building. You could be at a higher risk of worker injury or even death.


A thorough electrical maintenance plan can empower your business to reduce risks, enhance safety, and lower costs. By working with an experienced, licensed electrician, you could eliminate energy and overhead wasters and potential causes of business interruption, and in the process provide your employees with a safe, efficient work environment.

Are you looking for an experienced electrician for your office electrical maintenance? Get in touch with our team of experts today to find out how we can help.

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8 Most Dangerous Home Electrical Hazards

With our modern reliance on electricity, there are potential electrical safety hazards in any home, office, or factory. Fortunately, these hazards can be eliminated or reduced by staying aware and taking steps to eliminate their dangers, ideally with the assistance of an electrician. These are eight of the most dangerous electrical hazards that could arise in any home.


Damaged, worn, cracked or corroded electrical wires can increase the chance of electrical accidents. Have a qualified electrician check your wiring on a regular basis to ensure wiring is safe. If you need to, upgrade and replace old and faulty wires.

Some hazards include:

  • Loose or improper connections, such as electrical outlets or switches
  • Frayed appliance or extension cords
  • Pinched or pierced wire insulation, which could occur from, for example, a chair leg sitting on an extension cord
  • Cracked wire insulation caused by heat, age, corrosion or bending
  • Overheated wires or cords
  • Damaged electrical appliances
  • Electrical wire that has been chewed by rodents


Outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, and other living areas with water should be installed a fair distance away from the water source. As water conducts electricity, keeping outlets away from water reduces the chance of electric shock.

Never use a radio, hair dryer, phone, or other device in the bath, near the pool, or anywhere with a wet floor.

Good quality wiring that conforms to safety standards is vital for safety. Poor wiring can increase chance of fire, power surges, arc faults, and other serious consequences. For this reason, it’s always best to avoid do-it-yourself electrical work and get professional electricians to perform electrical wiring around the house.


Similarly, electrical appliances should never be handled with wet hands as this heightens the chance of getting an electric shock. Yet too many of us tend to reach for the hair dryer with wet hands out of the shower. Keep appliances far away from sinks, bathtubs, showers, and taps.


A common error is pouring water on electrical fires. If an electrical fire does occur, avoid pouring water on the flames as water will further fuel the fire and could cause electrocution. Keep a fire extinguisher on site if you’re worried about electrical fires and use that instead of water in times of emergency. If you don’t have one nearby, turn off your electrical power, evacuate your home and call the fire brigade.


Young babies and toddlers tend to be extremely inquisitive and keen to explore their world. While it’s always best to supervise children of this age all the time, parents and adults expecting children at their house can take extra measures to protect young children.

Any electrical outlet at their height and within their reach can be replaced with EXTRA-SAFE powerpoints. These can be interchanged with normal powerpoint and prevent sharp objects and fingers from going into the socket. Unprotected sockets can lead to serious injury.


Extension cords should be carefully fixed in place where possible to reduce the chance of tripping or accident. Use plastic socket closures on unused sockets. Don’t use extension cords as a permanent substitute for additional power sockets, and avoid using them for too many appliances at once.


We don’t often think of lightbulbs as being electrical hazards, but the potential for an electrical fire arises when lightbulbs are kept near flammable materials. These can include beds, drapes, plastics, or other items such as upholstery.

Lights, like all sources of electricity, can also cause electric shock, so ensure you always turn the light switch off before replacing a light bulb, and never replace a light bulb or touch a light switch with wet hands. Always ensure you use a light bulb with the correct wattage to prevent overheating.


Heavy covering of wires can cause the cords to overheat, which could lead to an electrical fire. Keep cords and wires away from other items and keep them uncovered.

Similarly, make sure that items like computers and televisions have enough space around them for ventilation, to prevent them from overheating.

One of the best ways to reduce risk of death from electric shock in your home is to install a safety switch, also called a residual current device (RCD). However, never try to do any electrical work on your own. If you think there are hazards present in your home, contact a licensed electrician to help you resolve them.

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Why Prime Choice Sydney Electricians

Sydney Electrician

Prime Choice Sydney Electricians is an Australian and family owned trade service business, tried and tested, operating in Sydney for over 10 years. With extensive knowledge and experience, PCES reputation in the trade industry speaks for itself. It has been our consistent focus on improving our customer service over these many years that has helped maintain PCES outstanding reputation.

Prime Choice Electrical Services have gained recognition for providing customers a level of service that exceeds expectation. Starting out as a team of dedicated and motivated electricians, over our history we have grown to improve our service offering for our customers, including services such as air conditioning and security and alarms, amongst many others.

We are an unstoppable force of quality and service excellence. To us trade work is easy, but it’s our distinctive understanding of service that sparks brand loyalty and strong community engagement. We resolve client’s needs with the highest quality of service in the industry and incomparable workmanship. We action every call out with a respectful, professional and compelling experience, engaging and resonating with our customers.

We know Sydney. With PCES you can rely on the knowledge that there will be one of our technicians nearby at any hour of the day or night. With no job too big or too small, we keep up our high standard of service 24 hours a day. We constantly train our already highly skilled team to make sure we are staying ahead of the curve when it comes to all of the trade services we provide. Our proficiency in our systems and processes allows us to pass on savings in money and time to you, our customer.

The PCES team go the extra mile. Our quick response time, extensive knowledge and skill cultivated through in house and external training, our reliable service, and our focus on communication and service are what keep us strides above our competitors.

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Why LEDs are a Game Changer for Reducing Energy Bills

As electrical contractors in Sydney, we’re pleased to see that plenty of our customers are making the switch to LED light bulbs. Why? Because the shift to LEDs is influenced by two main factors: energy conservation and cost awareness.

LED bulbs are more efficient

Don’t let their sticker price trick you: traditional incandescent bulbs use significantly more energy than LED lights, meaning that they cost more to run. Incandescents also give off heat, which is a sign of wasted energy – and for customers, that means money down the drain.

LEDs are not only more efficient to run, but they’re longer lasting as well. According to, LEDs may be 4-5 times more efficient than traditional bulbs.

These factors, combined with the falling price tag on LEDs, means you’ll find yourself making back your initial investment on your LED bulbs more quickly than ever before.

An opportunity to upgrade your fixtures

While it’s possible to insert LED bulbs into your existing fixtures, an LED upgrade represents an opportunity to update your household fixtures as well.

Recessed downlights are a common target for updates, as they form a common element of many contemporary homes. With recessed lighting having been in vogue for a couple of decades now, many relatively newly built or renovated homes rely heavily on downlights – but of the halogen kind. Swapping these lights, and their fixtures, out for LED bulbs can result in significant savings along with improved lighting quality.

Additionally, if your home is an older one, the rise of affordable LED lighting makes it a great time to give your household wiring an overhaul – and update your lighting fixtures while you’re at it.

Networked LEDs for your household

If investing in a “smart” lighting system is something you’ve considered, then your LED lighting can save you even more money. Our team of Sydney electricians can help with installing networked LED systems for your home or business – letting technology take the reins when it comes to turning lights on and off, or dimming them to suit the ambient environment.

The upfront costs may seem high, but a combination of monitoring software and LED fixtures can help save up to 90% on your energy costs. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, especially if your property is a larger one.

The importance of hiring professional electricians

As an emergency electrician company in Sydney, we’ve assisted with electrical overhauls and upgrades for customers throughout the Sydney metro area.

We can help you do the maths when it comes to installing an LED system in your home or business – and advise you on the LED bulbs and fixtures that are the best fit for your property.

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Why You Should Leave Your Commercial Electrical Installations to PCES

Commercial buildings rely heavily on the quality of the commercial electrical installation. While there are many YouTube videos that lead you to believe you can turn any task into a DIY project, commercial electrical installation shouldn’t be on that list. Electrical wiring for commercial buildings is complicated and dangerous. In this blog post, we list the top reasons why you should leave the commercial electrical installation to the pros.

1. Safety

The first and most obvious reason to hire a professional for commercial electrical installation is safety. Electricians spend years learning their trade and then more years gaining experience in their field. When inexperienced people try to take on electrical work independently, they’re putting themselves in grave danger.

2. Risk

On top of putting yourself in danger, you’re also risking the safety of your employees and customers. Incorrect electrical wiring for commercial buildings can lead to electrical shocks and fires, which can cause injuries, fatalities, lawsuits and loss of inventory. These risks alone should make the decision quite simple; hiring a professional commercial electrician is worth it every time.

3. Cost

Many people who try DIY projects end up causing more problems and calling the professionals anyway. This is true for complicated professions such as plumbing, electrical work and auto repair. If you attempt electrical wiring for commercial buildings on your own, you may cause more problems and end up with a more expensive bill at the end of the whole process.

4. Time

As a business owner, you probably don’t have the time to sit down and learn everything you need to know about commercial electrical installations. Wiring for commercial buildings is a complicated process. The electrician often has to analyse the space to make installation decisions that are both logical and hidden. Your professional contractor will come in and get the job done as quickly as possible, allowing you to focus on business operations.

If the commercial electrical installation is impacting your business, for example, causing you to temporarily shut down or close off a portion of your space, getting the job done quickly allows you to return to regular business activity as soon as possible.

5. Insurance

Your business likely has insurance to protect your property and interests. However, many business owners don’t realise that their insurance policies have clauses that can disqualify insurance payouts for improper actions. For example, attempting your own electrical wiring for commercial buildings can be seen as irresponsible. So, if your building has an electrical fire, and you can’t produce invoices that show you used a licensed, professional electrician, the insurance company may void your payout.

We recommend you hire the professionals and keep copies of your receipts for any insurance inquiries in the future.

6. Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional electrician gives you peace of mind that the job was done well. You know that you, your customers and your employees are all safe. Additionally, professionals install everything correctly, which extends the life of your electrical work.

Another reassurance is that professional contractors often offer a guarantee or warranty on their work. If you experience electrical issues shortly after installation, you can call the contractor to come back and rectify the problem.

7. Education and Certification

To be qualified to do a commercial electrical installation, an electrician needs to go to school and get certified. On top of schooling, electricians also go through practical experience on the job. All of this training makes them extremely qualified in their field. An electrician can provide you with tips and suggestions during the installation process to ensure you have the best system possible. This is a valuable experience that a DIY YouTube video simply can’t provide.

8. Troubleshooting

While going through the process of installing electrical wiring for commercial buildings, professional contractors often have a look around to make sure everything is performing optimally. Sometimes they notice issues you weren’t aware of that could blow up into much more significant problems. They can anticipate future issues, which may save you time and money.

9. The Latest Solutions

A professional contractor can offer valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies in commercial electrical installation. They may have suggestions for eco-friendly solutions that will save you money on utility costs and allow you to market yourself as environmentally conscious. Or, they may have fresh new technologies to share with you that can add flair to your commercial building. Whatever the case, these are ideas you likely wouldn’t have come up with on your own.

10. Device and Appliance Protection

Many businesses have devices and appliances in which they’ve invested hundreds or thousands of dollars. Whether this is computers, restaurant refrigerators or manufacturing equipment, all of these appliances are invaluable to your business operations. Improper electrical wiring for commercial buildings can damage this equipment. Also, device and appliance warranties often don’t cover improper electrical accidents.

11. Adherence to Building Codes

Your commercial building likely has a set of building codes all electrical work must adhere to. This can include things like how much load the breaker can handle or the gauge of wire needed. Professionals not only understand the building codes, but they will also complete wiring for commercial buildings that aligns with all the regulations.

You could be at risk of losing your commercial spot if your building management finds out you didn’t adhere to proper electrical regulations, resulting in extra expenses and disruption to your business operations.

Trust Prime Choice Electrical Services for Your Commercial Electrical Installation

Prime Choice Electrical Services is one of Sydney’s top electrical company, offering licensed professional electricians at a competitive rate. We specialise in commercial and residential work, so we have the expertise to handle any job. Prime Choice Electrical is proudly a family-owned and operated business that has been providing electrical services to Sydney’s commercial market for over 10 years.

When it comes to electrical wiring for commercial buildings, you don’t want to risk any hiccups with your installations. Leave it to the professionals. We will get the job done correctly and quickly and leave you knowing everything is working as it should be. Book a consultation with us today for a price quote on your commercial electrical installation. Connect with us online or by calling 0468 304 222.

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The Perfect Electrical Contractor

If you are looking for an electrical contractor that can be your one point of contact for all your electrical needs across your business locations, Prime Choice Electrical Services is your reliable electrical contractor!

When it comes to electrical contractor support and maintenance, businesses with multiple branches or locations, or a large commercial property can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. At Prime Choice Electrical Services, it’s our responsibility to lift those troubles off your shoulders.

We provide reliable electrical services to large commercial locations, including shopping malls and commercial centres. If suitable to your business, we can also provide one reliable point of contact for all your electrical requirements, eliminating the difficulty and cost of dealing with multiple contractors.

Our electrical services include:

  • Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Service, Fault Finding & Repairs
  • Lighting Design, Exit & Emergency Lighting
  • Installations & Project Management
  • Thermal Graphic Scanning
  • Switchboard Labeling, Circuit Tracing & Identification
  • RCD Testing, Safety Switches, Testing and Tagging
  • Data and Communication, Audio & Visual

Only trust the expert with your company’s electrical needs.

Prime Choice Electrical Services provide qualified contractors for all electrical problems. If you need electrical maintenance or repair work, you can count on us.

Our team are highly experienced and picked to a high standard to give you complete peace of mind as well as our self. As a long-established service provider, we have grown to become one of the most trusted service providers in the Metropolitan region.

We provide affordable services for domestic homes and commercial property. Electrical building maintenance, installations and fit-outs.

Regardless the size of your project, all customers are equally as important to us. We will treat you and your property with equal respect and care whether we are changing light bulbs or completing a large-scale commercial project.

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Why Is Property Maintenance So Important?

When you’re on the property ladder with a commercial development, there’s so much more to think about than when you’re in the residential game.

The high standards that need to be kept might include complying with health and safety regulations, or it may just be your own high mark for how you want to deal with occupants. Whatever your needs for maintenance services, it’s important to not let things slip away from being controlled. If something needs tending to, but you can’t get to it for a few days, make sure it’s a priority when you do have the funds or time to get it sorted.

If you want to make sure you aren’t ever put in a position where maintenance becomes something of an emergency because the building hasn’t been monitored properly, Prime Choice Electrical Services has a team of professionals that can make the whole process streamlined.

What’s so important about keeping up property maintenance?

Because the occupancy of your commercial building relies on people actually wanting to lease a particular premises from you, there’s a call to really make sure people are attracted to it. This might come from how clean it is, the quality of the air circulating in the spaces or even the fact that there is no work that needs to be done.

Did you know hiring a company to manage the maintenance of a building is one of the best ways to keep on top of anything that arises. The key to maintenance is to be proactive, not reactive. If something major happens, it might be too late to fix the issue quickly and cheaply.When major repairs or maintenance have to be carried out in an office space, for example, it can be totally disruptive to the day-to-day operations of the lease holder. That’s not something people want to have to go through, and if there’s another option on the market that doesn’t appear as if major works will be regularly required, that may well be their first choice.

Property maintenance can help to keep rental yields high and potential for capital gains up as well. Without regular maintenance, it’s possible that a commercial building can fall into a state of disrepair and lose value. It might also be in the trap of being vacant for long periods of time while maintenance is carried out, which means loss of income.

Avoid these pitfalls of the property industry, and get in touch with Prime Choice Electrical today to make sure the maintenance of your commercial building is looked after at all times.

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Electrical Tips for Christmas

The Festive Season is upon us. It’s this time of year that families gather together to decorate the house, put up the tree, and cover their homes in colourful lights and decorations. For many families, a favourite Christmas tradition is driving around their town, marvelling at the Christmas lights that adorn each home.

Below are our Electrical Tips for Christmas:

1.     Don’t use any more than 3 standard sets of lights for one power board

It takes a good amount of power to make those pretty twinkling lights, so a great way to make sure you don’t overload the electrical system in your home and cause a problem is to limit the number of lights plugged into a single power board. Use no more than 3 in each.

2.     Turn your lights off before bed

Leaving lights on for long periods of time, such as overnight, can cause them to overheat. This increases your risk of electrical faults and fires. Make sure you turn your lights off before bedtime. You’ll be saving money on your power bill, too!

3.     Get Battery Powered or Solar Lights Where Possible

Battery Powered or Solar lights don’t use the home’s electricity, so not only will you be saving money on your power bill, but you’ll be lowering your risk of lights overheating as they are low voltage and give off less heat than traditional electrical lights.

4.     LED Lights

If you can’t get solar or battery powered, try LED Lights. They’ll save you money and they don’t get as hot as electrical lights.

5.     Use Common Safety Practices

While Christmas is the Season of Giving, it’s important not to give your children the opportunity to get a hold of matches or candles. Remember to keep your tree away from warm areas, like heaters or fireplaces, and keep your lights away from combustible material as much as possible.

One of the most important things to remember this season is to ensure that your Smoke Alarms are in good and working order, so you’re prepared. While these steps can decrease your chances of electrical faults, Smoke Alarms save lives, so reach out to Prime Choice Electrical Services today and ask us to get your smoke alarms Christmas-ready.

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Electrical Safety Tips for Christmas

Electrical Safety Tips are important this holiday season as it is now upon us and amidst the excitement, never forget that electrical safety is imperative for your home this Christmas.

When it comes to turning your house into a Christmas extravaganza and proving to the whole neighbourhood that you are Santa’s little helper, first and foremost ensure that you do not cut costs and be very wary when buying overseas lights from eBay or any other store over the internet.

These lights most likely do not pass the Australian Safety Standards and can be very dangerous to your household.

Here are Prime Choice Electrical Safety tips for putting up Christmas lights and other electrical decorations:

• Check the wires for any signs of damage or wear and tear.
• Checked for damaged sockets, ripped and bare wires or anything that look unsafe.
• Check over the manufactures instructions again.
• Check all globes are fitted properly. DO NOT USE if some are missing.
• Only use lights that have passed the Australian Safety Standards.

If you decide to buy second-hand lights, they need to be checked by a licensed Electrical Contractor to make sure they are safe to use. Safety requirements for Christmas lights have changed in recent years, some second-hand lights may not meet the latest safety requirements.

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