If you struggle to cope with the heat during summer, spare a thought for your air-conditioner. We tend to crank our cooling systems as soon as the weather starts warming up – but did you know there are steps you can take to prepare your air-conditioner for this seasonal onslaught of overuse?
The last thing you want is for your air-conditioner to stop working during the middle of a heatwave. These tips will ensure it’s well-prepared for summer.


If your air-conditioner seems to have lost some of its efficiency, its filters may be clogged with dust. This can restrict air-flow and drastically reduce your system’s cooling abilities. Cleaning or replacing the filters can get your air-conditioner up and running like new again.

The filters are usually located beneath the cover grill, next to the blower motor, although this can vary depending on the unit’s make and model. They’re fairly easy to clean and replace, (just make sure you’ve switch the unit off first).


Coolant lines are the refrigerated tubes that run from your air-conditioner’s interior to the outdoor section of the unit. They’re usually covered in a layer of foam insulation to prevent them from losing energy, but this can wear away with time.

Before summer arrives, double check that your coolant lines still have plenty of insulation. If this protective layer is starting to fray or fall apart, your air-conditioner will need to work extra hard to stay cool.


If you have a ducted air-conditioning system, be sure to unblock any vents around your home. It’s easy to overlook your air-conditioning system during winter, but come summertime a blocked air vent is bound to cause problems.

From furniture to piles of laundry, all kinds of household items can lead to an obstruction of airflow. Be sure to move any obstructions out of the way before you turn on your air-conditioner.


Air-conditioning testing is an essential step in the preparation process. Let your air-conditioner run for around 10 minutes to check it’s still in good working order. If anything looks or sounds out of the ordinary, give Envious Electrical a call. We’ll give your air-conditioner a tune up and make sure it’s ready to roll for summer.

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